So I saw this meme the other day on reddit which got me thinking .Every service on the internet is implemented in the restful architectural style. So it is of essential for both front end and back end developers to properly understand the REST api and the open system messaging platforms such as Json and XML which are used to communicate among them.

Ever see the facebook page reloading when you add a new comment or your instagram feed going away when u double tap on that cat video that your friend posted? Thats react working its magic under the hood.

React is an open source JavaScript based UI library used to build responsive interfaces . Unlike other front end technologies , react orchestrates the front end as a single page application meaning that page does not have to reload whenever a component element changes . …

A software goes through many phases through out the development life cycle. After the initial development , the software then has to be tested and deployed. Since almost all modern day software uses external libraries and dependencies in development, testing and deploying code in the same environment as it was developed is almost impossible. Docker is an open source intuitive solution for the aforementioned problem which makes it easier to create and deploy software by using a concept called containerizing. …

Lasal Hettiarachchi

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